Monday, April 8, 2013

Titan Tagged - New Commercial Review

Tagging you friends on Facebook and Google + has become more of an infectious obsession now. Based on these lines, Titan has introduced a new series, called Tagged. The company has developed a TVC on the theme of ‘tagging’, targeting the youth. It targets the connect youths like to have with each other.

A young woman riding a scooter sees another in a car and literally tags herself with her with the watch. Similar tag'ed moments are shown between a couple. A young man, fearing a tag, hides his watch and begins to run from a group. A young girl at a party tags another near a swimming pool and they jump in, enjoying the little dive. The TVC ends with a voice over saying 'Get tagged by Titan'.

Titan watches in this commercial are seen being used as a hook to bring together like minded individuals to share special moments. However, it appears to be a calculated risk - as many people hate to be tagged by their lesser friends in anonymous pictures. But having said that, Ogilvy & Mather translates the 'tagging' feature to a physical world using watches beautifully. Quite a fresh ad, it remains to be seen how much virality it'll create.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Headlines Today "Right to be Heard"

The "Right to be Heard" campaign by Black Pencil India for Headlines Today of the India Today group. A nice campaign that voices the sentiments of the Indian youth today. The campaign seeks to provide a platform to people to speak about their grievances and make sure they are heard.
Headline Today has also created a website: Right To Be Heard, where people can upload their videos, comments and issues they want to raise. There is also a hotline number they can call and record their messages at. The channel’s team will get in touch with them to highlight and resolve their issues. The channel has launched two new shows in sync with this campaign – ‘Right to be heard show’ and ‘Right to be Heard Town hall show’.
According to the channel, the campaign would encompass OOH, TV, print and digital. 

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